Schematic representation of plasmids and their derivativesa

Embedded Image
  • a Genomic fragment present in each plasmid. The ORF within each insert is drawn to scale, but the scale is not the same between different inserts. Translation from the “Watson” (or “Crick”) strand is indicated by the placement of the ORF above (or below) the line that denotes the chromosomal insert. The number of the chromosome from which the insert is derived is indicated. The numbers on either sides of the full insert denote their respective chromosomal positions.

  • b The relative budding index (BI) associated with each plasmid with respect to that for the empty vector. All the measurements were performed in SC-glucose media at 30°C. The average and standard deviation from at least 18 different transformants (all in the BY4743 background) in each case are shown.