Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidParent plasmidDescriptionaReference or source
pAU36See reference 38lacZ reporter system for C. albicans38
pDS958pAU36CDR1-lacZ fusion cloned into pAU36This study
pDS959pAU36CDR2-lacZ fusion cloned into pAU36This study
pDS1093pGEX4-2TInsertion of the N-ternimal end of TAC1 containing the DNA-binding domain into pGEX4-2TThis study
pDS178See reference 8pRC2312 with a pBluescript multiple-cloning site8
pDS1097pDS178Insertion of TAC1 from SC5314 into pDS178This study
pDS1098pDS178Insertion of TAC1-1 from strain DSY294 into pDS178This study
pDS1099pDS178Insertion of TAC1-2 from strain DSY296 into pDS178This study
YIp353See reference 27lacZ reporter system in integrative S. cerevisiae plasmid27
pDS1139YIp353CDR2-lacZ fusion cloned into YIp353This study
pDS1157pDS1139TAC1 cloned into pDS1139This study
pDS1161pDS1139Deletion of the DRE within the CDR2 promoter in pDS1139This study
pDS1180pDS1161TAC1 cloned into pDS1161This study
pDS1187pDS1097CDR2-lacZ fusion cloned into pDS1097This study
pDS1190pDS1097Deletion of the DRE within the CDR2 promoter in pDS1097This study
pDS1160CIpACT-C-ZZTAC1 fused to protein A in expression plasmid CIpACT-C-ZZ (5)This study
pDS1202pDS1160TAC1 fused to GFP in pDS1160This study
  • a Detailed descriptions and constructions are given in Material and Methods.