Summary of phenotypes associated with signal transduction gene mutations in C. heterostrophus

CharacteristicPhenotypea for:
Chk1 (MAPK)Cga1 (Gα subunit)Cgb1 (Gβ subunit)
ConidiationNoneNearly normalNone or extremely rare
MatingFemale sterileFemale sterile, ascospore lethalFemale sterile
VirulenceGreatly reducedNearly normalGreatly reduced
Colony morphologyAge-dependent autolysisAlteredAltered
Hyphal growth pattern on surfaceWavy (normal)LinearLinear
AppressoriaNoneNone or fewNone or few
PigmentationDecreasedNearly normalIncreased
  • a Nearly normal means that the function was not lost, but quantitative differences remained to be characterized in more detail. Female sterile means that pseudothecia were formed in a cross between the mutant and a WT tester, but the hyphae composing the pseudothecia were derived from the WT parent. Data are from this work and earlier studies (12, 18). Altered colony morphology means that colonies appeared different from WT colonies but that the overall growth pattern was retained.