Filamentation in liquid serum medium

StrainRelevant genotype% of filamentation in seruma
DAY286Wild type88.3
DAY5 rim101Δ/Δ74.1b
DAY534 snf7Δ/Δ45.3b,c
DAY544 snf7Δ/Δ RIM10144.4b,c
DAY546 snf7Δ/Δ RIM101-40578.9b
DAY537 vps4Δ/Δ84.7
DAY653 bro1Δ/Δ93.7
  • a Results represent the average of three independent experiments. Standard deviation <5%.

  • b Statistically different from the wild-type result by analysis of variance.

  • c Statistically worse than the rim101Δ/Δ mutant result by analysis of variance.