Gene expression in wild-type versus mga2Δ mutant strains

Gene expression in mga2Δ mutantGene nameAnnotationE valueGenbank accession no. of orthologFold changea
Repression FAS1 Fatty acid synthase, beta subunit0E+00 AAB41494 −4.5
CNL00860Nuclear pore complex protein1.5E−70 AAC27297 −4.3
CNJ03370Ribosomal protein L113.3E−68 BAA31552 −3.1
CNH00590C1 tetrahydrofolate synthase1.3E−288 AAG11417 −3.1
CNI01120Ribosomal protein S79.5E−47 AAB94301 −3
LEU1 2-Isopropylmalate synthase4.4E−148 CAA20723 −3
CNC03960Phosphate transporter3.1E−187 BAB43910 −2.9
CND02650Chorismate synthase6.1E−122 CAA68214 −2.9
ACC1 Acetyl CoA carboxylase0E+00 CAA86983 −2.9
CND05600Pyruvate dehydrogenase2.0E−116 CAB97287 −2.8
CNB00560Histone H2B6.4E−40 CAD60694 −2.6
CNE04690Putative major facilitator superfamily transporter7.7E−83 CAD70735 −2.4
CNE02420Elongation factor 3 AAK26245 −2.2
Induction LYS2 Aminoadipate semialdehyde dehydrogenase6.4E−12 CAA85072 6.7
CNB02680Monosaccharide transporter7.5E−188 AAL89822 5.6
CND03740Catalase, putative8.0E−136 AAG45152 4.6
CNF00610Calnexin1.5E−143 CAC82717 4.2
CNG01070Putative coiled-coil protein2.3E−28 CAB88270 3.4
CNG03440Vacuolar sorting protein1.0E−33 AAB49810 3.4
CNG04330U5 snRNP 200-kDa helicase0E+00 BAA34508 3.3
PAK1 PAK kinase AAL58841 3.3
CNG01610Chitin synthase related0E+00 AAF04279 3
CNM01490Regulator of purine utilization4.8E−28 CAA58838 3
CNG02710LIM and Rho GAP domain protein7.6E−136 CAA17694 2.9
MDR1 Multidrug resistance protein 1 AAC49889 2.9
CNG01350GTPase-activating protein1.3E−65 AAB84002 2.9
CNG04670Nucleoporin repeat protein2.1E−28 CAB53357 2.9
CNA07770Exo-1,3-beta-glucanase1.4E−11 AAF65310 2.8
CNF03070ATM/ATR PI-3 kinase4.4E−166 CAB40165 2.8
CNB05770Putative ABC transporter0E+00 CAA54692 2.8
CNG06090Hypothetical protein2.1E−65 BAA07526 2.7
HSP104 Heat shock protein 1041.8E−202 AAK60625 2.7
CNF04580Conserved hypothetical protein1.4E−289 CABB91226 2.2
  • a Average fold change in expression in three independent trials of the mga2Δ mutant compared to wild-type strain H99.