Effects of inactivating CaMsn4 and Mn11 upon gene induction in response to osmotic stress

GeneExpression ratioFunctiond
WT stress/WT no stressa,b at time (min):msn4 mnl1 stress/WT stressc at time (min):
orf19.72840.920. function
orf19.53020.914.827. function
MSC11. sister chromatid recombination
orf19.50700.913. function
CTA11. catalase A
orf19.20480.910. function
DDR481.19.912. damage-responsive protein
orf19.23441.09.714. function
orf19.73501. function
CEX160. interaction with heat shock proteins and chaperones
orf19.39321. function
orf19.27370. family of carbohydrate kinases
orf19.72960. function
ADH61. dehydrogenase
DCW21. protein with cell wall role
orf19.6920. function
YBR561. exo-1,3-beta-glucanase
AGP21. amino acid permease
orf19.3007. function
LRR0. repeat protein