Frequencies of different septin localization defects in mutant strainsa

StrainRelevant genotype% of cells with defect
Normal neckAbnormal neckMislocalizedAbsent
DLY4790 nap1 415900
MOSY148 cla4 167095
DLY4410 gin4 208000
DLY4687 elm1 97498
DLY3344 rga1 90901
DLY3353 rga2 93601
DLY3346 bem3 93601
DLY4854 nap1 cla4 177914
DLY4848 nap1 gin4 377614
DLY4714 gin4 elm1 184411
DLY4858 nap1 elm1 781210
DLY4712 cla4 elm1 2542420
DLY4686 cla4 gin4 4541626
DLY4881 nap1 rga1 256681
DLY4719 gin4 rga1 379171
DLY4759 elm1 rga1 3631519
DLY3347 rga1 rga2 5528107
DLY3341 rga1 bem3 741682
DLY3361 rga2 bem3 811513
DLY4856 nap1 cla4 gin4 0572023
DLY4727 cla4 gin4 elm1 0531631
DLY4855 cla4 elm1 nap1 064828
DLY4857 nap1 gin4 elm1 09367
DLY4891 nap1 rga1 rga2 58096
DLY4887 nap1 rga1 bem3 5681314
DLY4720 gin4 rga1 rga2 4701412
DLY4931 elm1 rga1 rga2 6541327
DLY4932 elm1 rga2 bem3 3453814
DLY2723 rga1 rga2 bem3 27293211
DLY4859 nap1 gin4 elm1 cla4 0432235
DLY4893 nap1 rga1 rga2 bem3 1491535
DLY4753 gin4 rga1 rga2 bem3 1241758
*b elm1 rga1 rga2 bem3
  • a At least 200 cells were scored for each strain.

  • b Segregants of this genotype were identified by accounting for marker segregation in multiple tetrads. Spores germinated and produced a few very large elongated cells but did not form colonies. This genotype was synthetically lethal.