Interaction between the sm19-1 and nocr1 mutationsa

CloneMean length (μm)Standard deviationNo. of cells
sm19-1 5c 93945
sm19-1 3c 1071045
sm19-1 nocr1 3b 661245
sm19-1 nocr1 5b 73945
  • a The genotype of F2 clones issued from the cross sm19-1 nocr1 was identified on the basis of nocodazole resistance on sensitivity and of thermoresistance or sensitivity. sm19-1 and sm19-1 nocr1 clones were grown in parallel at 35°C, and cell lengths were measured after 5 to 6 divisions at the nonpermissive temperature. For two clones of each genotype, the values indicate the mean cell length (estimated at a 5% risk level), which was significantly smaller for the double mutant.