Immunophilin and parvulin genes in C. reinhardtii

Protein group and gene nameGene model(s)Subcellular localizationaNotes, additional domainsNote(s) on gene modelEST support (Chlre2 ACEG)
FK506-binding proteins
    FKB12C_230098CytosolNo issueComplete, >63 EST (
    FKB15-1C_480074Secreted (23)Linked to FKBP15-2 and 15-4No issueComplete, >45 EST (
    FKB15-2C_480037Secreted (22)In tandem with FKB15-4Sequence gap; sequence corrected based on EST: modify exon 1, remove exon 4Partial (
    FKB15-4C_480038Secreted (22)In tandem with FKB15-2No issueComplete (
    FKB16-1C_440012TL (56 + RR)No issueComplete (
    FKB16-2C_580070TL (26 + RR) + others?In tandem with FKB16-5Three splicing variants: -A (main, lumen), -B (stroma), -C (mitochondrion?)Complete (A:; B:AW720777; C:
    FKB16-3C_380115+ C_18290001TL?Represented on 2 scaffolds due to misassembly; sequence incompleteComplete (
    FKB16-4C_1080039TL (27 + RR)3′ end is also in left arm of scaff_3031Complete (
    FKB16-5C_580071M?(23)In tandem with FKB16-2No issueComplete (
    FKB16-6C_1850018TL (51 + RR)Sequence gapPartial (;
    FKB16-7C_3330006?Overlaps with upstream gene in tandemMain isoform has shorter exon 7; C_3330006 describes a splicing variant with 20 AA insertion between 5th and 6th beta-strandComplete (333.1.7.12)
    FKB16-8C_140146TL (? + RR)Covers 2 other gene models, both unsupported by ESTComplete (
    FKB16-9C_320049TL (36 + RR)Sequence corrected: remove intron 2Partial (
    FKB17-1C_220072TL (? + RR)No issueComplete (
    FKB17-2C_140132TL (membrane-anchored?)No issueComplete (
    FKB18C_1630014TL (29 + RR)No issueComplete (
    FKB19C_910042TL (? + RR)No issueComplete (
    FKB20-2C_210108TL (31 + RR)3′ overlaps largely with convergent gene C_210018No issueComplete (
    FKB42C_680056CytosolFKBP; TPR; calmodulin-binding site; transmembrane region; unknown central domain; 2 PQQ (WD40-like); leucine repeatSequence gapPartial (;
    FKB53C_240139CytosolN-terminal domain rich in acidic residues; FKBPSequence corrected: lengthen exon7 3′; additional His-rich loop before helix 1 due to insertion of CCAC(C/A)A repeatsNo
    FKB62C_2440003+ C_20610001Cytosol3 FKBP; TPRSplit between 2 scaffolds due to misassembly; sequence incompletePartial (
    FKB99C_280158Nucleus3 trans-membrane spans; 2 or 3 FKBP; TPR; calmodulin-binding motif; nuclear localization signal; possibly a fibrinoin C-terminal domainSequence gaps impact model; possibly a fusion of several genesPartial (,,
    TIG1C_4210001+ C_4210002StromaTrigger factor; FKBP; N- and C-terminal domains involved in ribosome bindingSequence gap; corrected based on ESTPartial (421.1.3.52; 421.1.1.51; 421.1.4.32)
    CYN16C_240021CytosolSequence corrected: 4th exon overlooked due to noncanonical splice siteNo
    CYN17C_20323CytosolAlternative splicing: removes intron 1Complete (
    CYN18-1C_20046CytosolSequence lengthened at 5′ endNo
    CYN18-2C_1010007CytosolNo issueComplete (
    CYN19-1C_250142CytosolPossibly also a C-terminal GCIP domain (cyclin D-interacting protein)Sequence corrected: extend 5′ end, probable sequence error in genome; could be a fusion with downstream gene (sequence gap)Partial:CF557930
    CYN19-2C_3230001CytosolDescribed as CYP1 (AF052206), induced in low-CO2 conditions (32) and sulfur starvation (37)No issueComplete (323.5.1.0)
    CYN19-3C_790042Organelle?Sequence gap shortens 3′ UTRComplete (
    CYN20-1C_290072SecretedSequence corrected: extend 5′, wrong computation of exon 7.Complete (
    CYN20-2C_70215TL?No issueComplete (
    CYN20-3C_740054StromaInduced during sulfur starvation (37)No issueComplete (
    CYN20-4C_990048?An expressed pseudogeneNeither genome nor EST code for full-length proteinPartial (
    CYN20-5C_660007Organelle?Possible alternative splicing ( (
    CYN22C_910055CytosolicIntron 1 is unusually long (1,741 nt)Complete (
    CYN23C_2260002Secreted3′ UTR needs shortening; 2 splicing variants with mutually exclusive exon 4 positions ( (
    CYN26-2C_460089TLNo issueComplete (
    CYN28C_1220009TLSequence corrected: exons 1 and 2 missedComplete (
    CYN37C_90033TL?No issuePartial (
    CYN38C_30248+ C_30247TLN-terminal domain of unknown function; induced during sulfur starvation (37)Sequence gap impacts models (5′ truncation, fusion with downstream gene); corrected based on ESTComplete (20021010.2563.1)
    CYN40C_180001CytosolCyclophilin, TPR domainNo issuePartial (,
    CYN51C_200140Organelle?N-terminal domain of unknown function, cyclophilinSequence corrected (gap)Complete (
    CYN52C_1560006Secreted2 cyclophilin domains; next to CYN53Sequence corrected (gap), alternative splice removing exon 2 causes frameshiftComplete (
    CYN53C_1560025Organelle?N-terminal domain + 2 cyclophilin domains; next to CYN52Sequence corrected (gap, noncanonical splice site)No
    CYN57C_1280001Cytosolic?C-terminal S/K-R/E RNA-binding domainNo issueNo
    CYN59C_480065Nucleus?cyclophilin, RNP1-RRM RNA-binding, RDG-rich domainsSequence partially corrected (gap, exon 4 missed)No
    CYN65C_800078CytosolicN-terminal with U-box (modified RING Zn finger)Sequence corrected (5th intron missed)Partial (
    CYN71C_19080001+ C_320104Cytosolic?3 WD40 repeats, cyclophilin domainSequence partially corrected (gaps split gene between 2 scaffolds)Partial (1112019F10, 1112127B05)
    PIN3C_100048Organelle?Similar to AtPIN3: parvulin, rhodanese domainNo issuePartial (
    PIN4C_530020Cytosol?N-terminal FHA (forkhead) domain, binding phosphoproteinsSequence corrected (5th exon ill predicted)Complete (20021010.2553.1)
  • a Parenthetical numbers are lengths of predicted targeting peptides.