Filamentation of RIM101 pathway mutants

StrainGenotypePlasmidMedium% Filamentationa
DAY1WTc (auxotrophic)M199, pH 896
DAY185WT (prototrophic)M199, pH 894
DAY67 RIM13/rim13 M199, pH 896
DAY349 rim13 /rim13M199, pH 8<1b
DAY128 rim13 /rim13pRIM101M199, pH 8<1b
DAY132 rim13 /rim13pRIM101-405M199, pH 895
DAY224 rim13 /rim13M199, pH 8<1b
DAY226 rim13 /rim13pRIM13M199, pH 898
DAY1WT (auxotrophic)Serum95
DAY185WT (prototrophic)Serum96
DAY67 RIM13/rim13 Serum97
DAY349 rim13 /rim13Serum76b
DAY128 rim13 /rim13pRIM101Serum69b
DAY132 rim13 /rim13pRIM101-405Serum89
DAY224 rim13 /rim13Serum76b
DAY226 rim13 /rim13pRIM13Serum96
  • a Standard deviations were ≤5%, except for DAY128 in serum in which case the standard deviation was 15%.

  • b Significantly different from the wild type.

  • c WT, wild type.